About Us

Firelake Headquarters in  Dassel, MinnesotaFirelake Manufacturing has a long history of innovating solutions for niche industries that dates back to the 1950’s when Firelake got its start manufacturing poultry equipment. Today, Firelake is still serving the poultry industry with our incinerators and crematoriums. This equipment has helped corporate farms, as well as other industries that produce other pathological waste such as the medical and veterinary sectors (includes many classified wastes approved by the EPA).

A Change in Ownership

In 1971 Firelake changed ownership and continued the long tradition of engineering and manufacturing equipment to delight customers across the country. With the primary manufacturing facility located in Dassel, MN and a second facility in Virginia, Firelake Manufacturing offers durable equipment built to last. Firelake Waste Oil Heaters (formerly the well known Shenandoah Waste Oil Heaters) are designed from the ground up to burn waste oil and other petroleum based products. By 1989, our waste oil heaters became some of the most premier waste oil heating equipment in the industry.

Incinerators and Crematoriums

Firelake Incinerators and Crematoriums are an extension of our engineering and design expertise, and our team at Firelake Manufacturing understands the needs of industries requiring safe, cost effective, and environmentally sound equipment for a variety of waste disposal needs.

Large Dealer Network

Firelake has a vast network of Waste Oil Heater dealers and Incinerator/Crematorium dealers across the United States and Canada, and a growing number of happy customers. We invite you to experience the difference with Firelake Manufacturing and look forward to helping you find the right equipment for your needs.    You know and trusted Shenandoah products, and since 2002 designed and made as the Firelake brand.